Monthly Archive: July 2015

The Messages You Send Through Roses

The custom of giving flowers has long been a way to express human emotion but none more so than when giving a bouquet of long stemmed roses. Rose colors have certain meanings, as does the quantity of roses given. Giving roses is a wonderful way to personalize a gift however it is important to understand what the different rose colors mean to prevent any confusion.

Here at Brown Floral we can help you to select the right rose color and the correct quantity to ensure your message is conveyed perfectly.


Seasonal Flowers for Hot Summer Nights

Things are heating up at Brown Floral so now is the perfect time to make the most of the stunning seasonal flowers available this summer. Whether you have a summer wedding planned or you simply want to show your love and affection to that someone special, Brown Floral has a range of vibrant summer flowers to suit your every need. Here we provide an overview of a selection of stunning summer flowers found in some of our floral arrangements. (more…)

Questions to Ask When Selecting Your Wedding Florist

You’ve picked your colors, pinned pictures to a Pinterest board (or 2), and clipped out countless magazine images.  You finally have a clear vision for what your ideal flower spread will be.  So what’s next?  How do you take your vision and make it into a reality?

You want to find the perfect florist, but where do you begin?  How do you find someone who will respect your wishes, while applying his or her professional expertise?  Someone who can compose something classy and beautiful without busting your budget?

It’s a tricky endeavor, so here are some tips to help you get started! (more…)

Selecting the Perfect Corsage

Whether you’re headed to prom, a wedding, or a formal event, you’ll most likely find yourself in need of a corsage.  Usually purchased by your date, the ideal corsage will compliment and enhance your gown.  Corsages are considered an accessory and can be either traditional or modern in style.  Your corsage is as unique and interesting as you are! (more…)

The Art of Ikebana

We’ve spent the last several weeks discussing the various aspects of designing a floral centerpiece that will compliment and enhance your next big event.  Our focus has mostly been on traditional and modern centerpieces as we discussed everything from the principles of design to selecting the perfect container to display your masterpiece.

Today, we are going to take some time to explore the art of Japanese flower arranging. (more…)

Selecting the Perfect Container for Your Floral Centerpiece

You have selected the most beautiful flowers.  The colors reflect the theme and energy of your event.  Each bloom is perfectly positioned in a stunning design.  But something is missing.

The container you select to display your floral centerpiece is as important as the flowers and design of the piece itself.  The container should add to–but not overwhelm–the impact of the arrangement.  It’s a delicate yet important balance to strike. (more…)