10 Christmas Wreaths to Inspire You

Christmas wreaths have a long history. Originating from the Romans, wreaths first adorned door places as a sign of status and victory in ancient times. Considered a symbol of pride, the women wore wreaths on their heads, particularly at weddings and other special events. Additionally, laurel wreaths were the awards handed out by the Greeks during the Ancient Olympic Games.

Over time, wreaths were made for Christmas. The circle represents Christ’s eternal love, new life and strength. Traditionally made by bending and twisting evergreen branches into a circle, the wreath is then decorated. The heartiness of the evergreen during winter contributes to an added meaning of the wreath; immortality.

With the ability to customize wreaths to match Christmas themes, the wreath makes a popular choice as a decoration during the festive season nowadays. Collated from Pinterest, here are some of Brown Floral’s favourite Christmas wreaths to inspire you this holiday season.

Christmas Wreaths to Inspire You This Festive Season

  • Succulent Wreath

This unusual succulent wreath ensures it will be around long after the festive season is over. Incorporate some gold tinsel and small red baubles to give it a Christmas feel.


  • Traditional Christmas Wreath

A mixture of tartan ribbon, pine cones and poinsettias make this traditional Christmas wreath a stand out. For a twist, use fresh poinsettia flowers.


  • Burlap Christmas Wreath

This rustic wreath adorned with faux white poinsettia flowers and berries is designed to make a statement.


  • Foliage Christmas Wreath

Based on traditional Christmas colors, this wreath made from foliage and berries is stunningly simple.


  • Christmas Vertical Teardrop Door Decoration

For a unique talking piece, an exquisite vertical teardrop decoration makes for a beautiful alternative to a traditional Christmas wreath.


  • Frosty the Snowman Wreath

Inspired by a white Christmas theme, this Frosty the Snowman wreath is bound to bring out the festive cheer in people of all ages.


  • Fresh Flowers and Berries Wreath

An array of fresh blossoms and berries creates a modern twist on the traditional Christmas wreath.


  • Orchid Christmas Wreath

Steering away from Christmas colors, this spectacular orchid wreath with a splash of purple is an absolute stand out.


  • Hydrangea Christmas Wreath

The versatility of the hydrangea flower makes it a perfect choice for a decorative Christmas wreath.


  • Orange and Cinnamon Sticks Wreath

Dried orange and cinnamon sticks are the perfect combination for a fragrant and festive Christmas wreath.


Christmas Wreaths from Brown Floral

Feeling inspired by this selection of Christmas wreaths? Brown Floral can work with you to design and create a wreath to suit your Christmas theme.  Help spread the holiday cheer with a specially designed Christmas wreath from Brown Floral today.


Article Sources: Wilson Evergreens, Pinterest

Author: Kelly Ninyette

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