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Want Fresh Flowers to Last Longer? Here’s How!

There is nothing better than receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers create a homely and warm feeling, and often take pride of place as a table centrepiece. With or without friends and family stopping by to visit, we all want our fresh flowers to last longer. Here are some simple tips to make the most of your freshly cut flowers by getting them to last as long as you can.

Respect and Remember: Flowers at Funeral Services

Flowers have long played an important role at funerals. With the discovery of flowers in burial sites inside caves in the Middle East dating back more than 60,000 years, this confirms mankind has been performing farewell rituals with flowers for thousands of years.

Initially flowers were used at funerals as a means to cover bad odors however over time the purpose of funeral flowers has evolved. Flowers at funeral services are a way to express comfort and sympathy to friends and family who have lost loved ones. They are also a symbol of respect to the person who has passed.

A survey commissioned by the American Floral Endowment (AFE) through the Floral Marketing Research Fund in 2014, found that of the Funeral Directors surveyed, they considered flowers to be the biggest comfort to the bereaved. Over half surveyed believed floral tributes were a clear expression of sympathy, followed by a way to commemorate the deceased. Additionally, almost 75% encouraged the bereaved to have flowers at funeral services. (more…)

The Messages You Send Through Roses

The custom of giving flowers has long been a way to express human emotion but none more so than when giving a bouquet of long stemmed roses. Rose colors have certain meanings, as does the quantity of roses given. Giving roses is a wonderful way to personalize a gift however it is important to understand what the different rose colors mean to prevent any confusion.

Here at Brown Floral we can help you to select the right rose color and the correct quantity to ensure your message is conveyed perfectly.


Seasonal Flowers for Hot Summer Nights

Things are heating up at Brown Floral so now is the perfect time to make the most of the stunning seasonal flowers available this summer. Whether you have a summer wedding planned or you simply want to show your love and affection to that someone special, Brown Floral has a range of vibrant summer flowers to suit your every need. Here we provide an overview of a selection of stunning summer flowers found in some of our floral arrangements. (more…)

Questions to Ask When Selecting Your Wedding Florist

You’ve picked your colors, pinned pictures to a Pinterest board (or 2), and clipped out countless magazine images.  You finally have a clear vision for what your ideal flower spread will be.  So what’s next?  How do you take your vision and make it into a reality?

You want to find the perfect florist, but where do you begin?  How do you find someone who will respect your wishes, while applying his or her professional expertise?  Someone who can compose something classy and beautiful without busting your budget?

It’s a tricky endeavor, so here are some tips to help you get started! (more…)