Bee-Friendly Flowers


Flowers and bees go hand in hand. No, this doesn’t mean that your delivery from Brown Floral will contain a handful of bees – we promise! But bees and flowers share a symbiotic relationship that help each other thrive. Here’s how it all goes down: Bees fly from flower to flower to gather nectar to make honey. When they land on a flower, pollen gets stuck to the tiny hairs on their bodies. This pollen then gets deposited onto the next flower they visit, pollinating the flower and allowing it to reproduce, which means for flowers for bees, and so forth.

Examples of Bee-Friendly Flowers:

Realistically, most flowers are bee-friendly, but some attract more bees than others, and provide more nutrition for them. These flowers provide sugary nectar and rich pollen that bees crave. Some flowers do not provide enough nutrition for bees, which means the bees are filling their bellies without reaping the benefits, making them more likely to not survive. At Brown Floral, we use many bee-friendly flowers in our arrangements, and most of our arrangements and bouquets contain several bee-friendly flowers species.

Bee-Friendly Flowers From Brown Floral

  1. Sunflower: If you’re like us, you probably spent part of your childhood watching bees crawl around on the seeds of giant sunflowers. They weren’t just there for you to look at. They were working hard to pollinate the sturdy flowers. Check out this simple sunflower arrangement, or this more intricate spray of funeral flowers to honor your loved one.
  2. Asters: Asters are known for blooming in late summer and fall, and bees love these little guys! These daisy lookalikes provide hearty sustenance for bees to survive the cold winter months. Take a look at this best-selling Gracious Lavender Basket that features asters, as well as other bee-friendly flowers.
  3. Lilac: Bees are attracted to the lilac’s brightly colored petals and sweet smell. Because lilacs grow in dense clusters, multiple bees can feed on the same plant, making it a great source for the whole hive. Check out this lilac-laden bouquet, perfect for a summer wedding.
  4. Snapdragons: Perhaps you’ve seen the slightly comical sight of a bee in a snapdragon. They crawl partway inside the bloom, and just their little bee-bottoms stick out! But the amount of nectar and pollen that snapdragons provide is no joke. We love this quaint Country Blooms Basket, as well as this beautiful casket spray to pay tribute to your loved one who embraced the more elegant things in life.
  5. Lavender: Lavender makes a beautiful and fragrant addition to any flower arrangement. Like with lilac, bees are attracted to the bright purple and violet color of lavender, and plenty of bees can feed at once. Check out this bee-friendly Lavender Charm bouquet, the perfect pick-me-up for your environmentally-conscious significant other.

Why It’s Important To Sustain Bee-Friendly Flowers

Bees are dying off at alarming rates, and that can impact the foods we eat. Bees are responsible for pollinating everything from apples to broccoli to watermelons. Without bees to pollinate these crops, the plants won’t continue to produce and will eventually go extinct.

One reason for the quick decline in bee population is the loss of flower meadows due to a decreasing demand for cultivated flowers. By giving bee-friendly flower arrangements as gifts or using these flowers to decorate your home or office, you are helping to keep the demand alive for cultivated flowers, which in turns provides more places for bees to thrive.

Brown Floral Is Your Salt Lake City Flower Delivery Expert

Brown Floral has been delivering gorgeous arrangements to the Greater Salt Lake City Valley for over 100 years. Whether you are looking for flower arrangements for new mothers, funeral flowers, or anything in between, we hope that you choose Brown Floral. We understand how important bees are to the environment, and try to do our part by continuing to use bee-friendly flowers in our arrangements. Do your part by gifting a beautiful flower arrangement to a loved one, or stopping by and seeing our flower selection for yourself!



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