Transform Your Table with a Unique Floral Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ with our loved ones. Coming together to Remember Him is an important part of celebrating DSC_0341_2Christmas together as a family.

A key part of the celebration takes place at the dining table. Transforming your table with a unique floral Christmas centerpiece will not only help to create a festive atmosphere but will be a talking piece among your guests.

Brown Floral has selected some of the most unique Christmas centerpieces aimed to give you inspiration this festive season. (more…)

10 Christmas Wreaths to Inspire You

Christmas wreaths have a long history. Originating from the Romans, wreaths first adorned door places as a sign of status and victory in ancient times. Considered a symbol of pride, the women wore wreaths on their heads, particularly at weddings and other special events. Additionally, laurel wreaths were the awards handed out by the Greeks during the Ancient Olympic Games.

Over time, wreaths were made for Christmas. The circle represents Christ’s eternal love, new life and strength. Traditionally made by bending and twisting evergreen branches into a circle, the wreath is then decorated. The heartiness of the evergreen during winter contributes to an added meaning of the wreath; immortality.

With the ability to customize wreaths to match Christmas themes, the wreath makes a popular choice as a decoration during the festive season nowadays. Collated from Pinterest, here are some of Brown Floral’s favourite Christmas wreaths to inspire you this holiday season. (more…)