6 Ways You Are Killing Your Succulents

Admit it, we are all guilty of doing it at one point or another… involuntary plant-slaughter. You buy some low maintenance plants that not even the brownest thumb could kill, pot them with only the purist of intentions, and then GASP! How could this be?! You managed to kill a plant that almost is not even capable of being killed. Take heart friends, we are here to show you the error of your ways, and paint that thumb green after all.

The Perfect “Pick Me Up”

It comes as no surprise that in this day and age, with all of the daily pressures and fast paced lifestyles that we lead with our families, jobs, and endless responsibilities and commitments, stress is anything but a stranger.  Couple that with long, cold winter months with layers upon layers of inversion and little sunlight, is it any wonder that our outlook on life and overall well being is waining a bit?  (more…)