Celebrate National Parents’ Day with Flowers

Held on the fourth Sunday of July, National Parents’ Day is an annual celebration aiming to promote responsible parenting, core values, and ideals to the children of America. Endorsed by Congress in 1994, National Parents’ Day was the collaborative result of civic, religious and elected leaders to promote the strength and importance behind two parent families.

A time to celebrate what is important in a society often overcome with pop culture, Parents’ Day is an opportunity to recognize parents and role models in the community who nurture the development of children through unconditional love.

Parents’ Day is celebrated across the nation in many ways with activities hosted by government, community groups and faith organizations.  In addition to nominees for National Parents’ Day being recognized at events, the activities are an opportunity for the community to come together and focus on parental commitment and responsibility, and family stability.

This year National Parents’ Day falls on Sunday July 26. Whether you are hosting a community event, would like to acknowledge the work of community leaders such as foster parents, or you simply want to thank your own parents for their dedication to your upbringing, Brown Floral has a range of flowers especially for National Parents’ Day.

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