Celebrating International Women’s Day at Brown Floral

What International Women’s Day looks like at Brown Floral

On March 8th, women are being celebrated across the world for their accomplishments and contributions. They are smart, capable, strong, wise and brave women who are making a difference for their countries, their communities and their families.  Women are deeply committed to their causes. They know they can and do make a difference, some large and some seemingly small.

Brown Floral was established in 1915 and the original Mrs. Brown was known to be quite an independent thinker for her time. Speaking about her husband and their landmark floral business in a Deseret News article, she was quoted saying “I will work with him but not for him!” Leone Brown had her own creative, insightful, strong and wise ideas about flowers, people, working women, retirement and life in general.

And the stage was set! I wish we had a list of all the women who have been a part of the incredible Brown Floral legacy. I imagine that it is a history filled with women who were, in many ways, similar to the ones who work here today.

We are a shop of beautiful women who “know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two!” Collectively, we have overcome struggle, injustice, heartbreak, suffering, loss, obstacles, disappointments, in other words… LIFE!

And here is the best part – regardless of what is happening, the ladies of Brown Floral show up, they create, they support each other and provide a leaning place for whoever needs it at the moment. They listen to each other with compassion and offer advice when needed and they make each other laugh. They respect each other and Oooh and Ahhh over each other’s gifts. They truly lift where they stand.

Then the magic happens. Beautiful creations come out of their talented hands and generous hearts. Flowers that heal those who are grieving, and unique bouquets that celebrate births, and weddings, and birthdays and anniversaries! They help our customers send messages of encouragement and love! That’s what they do, every day all day and they do it so gracefully.

Thank you, ladies! And Thank you, Mrs. Brown. We stand on your shoulders!

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