Everything You Need to Know About Giving Men Flowers

It’s common knowledge that many women like to receive flowers. In fact, most women love to receive flowers! Whether it is for their birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or even as a token of appreciation, flowers could be considered the key to a woman’s heart. But what about giving men flowers?IMG_1090

In the past, flowers were not considered an appropriate gift for men however this line of thinking is outdated in today’s generation. It’s suggested that giving men flowers reaps the same benefits as giving women flowers. Happiness levels are instantly increased, feelings of love and appreciation are generated, and of course flowers create a cheerful ambience.

Contrary to popular belief, there are a number of occasions that you might consider giving men flowers. Here are some suggestions.

Get Well Soon           

If your man is unwell, giving them a flower arrangement is the perfect way to cheer them up. It is also common for work places to arrange a collection towards flowers for male colleagues who are in hospital.


Whether it’s a graduation, a promotion or a simply a way to say “well done”, giving men flowers to congratulate them is bound to be appreciated!


Giving men flowers on their birthday is becoming increasingly popular particularly for those in intimate relationships. A IMG_0795beautiful bouquet of flowers is a great way to express your love for your partner and to make him feel extra special on his day.

I’m Sorry

Sometimes it can be difficult to express an apology in words. Giving men flowers is the perfect peace offering and will undoubtedly convey the message that you are sorry.


It is easy to forget that men grieve too. Giving men flowers during the difficult time of losing a loved one is an important reminder for them that they are supported and cared about.

You’re the Best!

There are times men are wonderful beings and simply need to be reminded that they are the best! Sending flowers to the office is a thoughtful surprise and a wonderful way to make his office more cheerful and inviting.

Tips for Giving Men Flowers

So now you know what occasions you might like to consider giving men flowers, IMG_0726here we cover some simple guidelines when it comes to choosing the most appropriate flower arrangement for a man.

  • Select an arrangement with flowers that are less traditional. More traditional flowers such as daisies and carnations tend to be more feminine.
  • Request a personalized bouquet that matches the man’s personality rather than going for a standard arrangement.
  • Choose flowers that are vibrant in color. Softer pastel colors are not generally considered masculine.
  • Incorporate extras into the arrangement such as chocolates, candy or tickets to a sporting event.
  • Always include a card or a note to accompany your gift when giving men flowers. This will convey your intended message loud and clear.
  • If you are concerned about giving flowers to a man, why not consider an indoor plant? They are long lasting and affordable.

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