How to Repel Mosquitos with Container Plants

Its Mosquito season and they are such a buzz kill when you want to enjoy the beautiful Summer evenings outside, whether its up the Canyon, at the lake, a ball game, or just sitting on your own patio! Don’t let those bugs take a bite out of your day, here are the best potted plants that are a great way to naturally repel Mosquitos!


What is not to love about Rosemary? We love the way it tastes and smells, and we especially love how it sends a clear message of who is not invited to the party (hint, mosquitos.) It can be kept indoors or out, and you can count on not only the live plant, but also the clippings to do the job for you.  And here is a tip! If you are gathering around a fire, go ahead and throw some sprigs of Rosemary into the fire and the incense will not only give your gathering a wonderful aroma, but it will also keep the bugs away. Your welcome.
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An adaptable perennial that gives off a strong incense-like odor that confuses the mosquitos. And bonus! It grows beautiful flowers that will not only add color to your garden, but it will also attract Butterflies! Butterflies, yes. Mosquitos, no.
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These beauties don’t just have a pretty face. They contain a compound found in repellants called Pyrethrum. Positioning these in potted plants by the entries of your home will not only add some curb appeal, but will deter your little blood sucking friends from hanging around your humble abode.
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Considered one of the best natural insect repellents… but beware. If you are not a friend to felines, this may not be the plant for you. Cats love to lie in it, roll around on it, and even eat it. If that doesn’t deter you, be sure to put it in a place where cats can have their way with it while not hindering your other plants, Studies have shown that Catnip is about 10 times more effective at repelling mosquitos than DEET, so your cats will love you, and your Mosquitos will not. 
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You may already have a Citronella candle sitting on your picnic table right now, but what many people don’t know, is that while the candle can be effective in warding off insects, the natural plant can be easily grown in your garden, or in a potted plant, for a more natural approach. This plant loves to soak up the Sun, so even if you live in a dryer climate, this plant can thrive. 
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Also known as a Floss Flower, this pretty purple plant emits an odor that your offenders will find offensive. It secretes something called coumarin, which is commonly found in commercial mosquito repellants. Don’t let the sweetness of this plant deceive you, it packs a punch when it comes to keeping the bad guys credit


Ahhh Lavender. This calming, relaxing aroma is found throughout our homes in our hand soap, perfumes, and shampoo, but what about our outdoor living spaces? It may bring peace and tranquility to the human species but for mosquitos it is a red flag to steer clear. It is best potted by your doors, windows, and entertaining areas, and if you want to really kick its effectiveness up  a notch, you can rub it on your skin to release its oils. Bugs be gone.
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Who doesn’t love basil? Mosquitos, thats who. We may be in love with the aroma and the taste but Mosquitos are not. This is a great plant to grow in your garden or in pots, and use for variety of purposes! You don’t even need to rub this on your skin for it to be effective with the bugs, just the smell alone will keep them away, A 2011 review that was published in the Malaria Journal found that essential oils that derive from Basil provide extremely high levels of mosquito protection, as much a 100 percent! Just one more reason to be obsessed with this delicious plant!
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A perennial that is small and tolerates drought and air pollution, and can even thrive in dry or shallow, rocky soil. Its foliage may be small but it contains phytochemicals that can repel mosquitos. The catch? it also begets bee-attraction blossoms. Nothing against the bees, but there is a time and place, and you may not want them all up in your grill while your cooking on the grill. Just sayin.
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When it comes to keeping the Mosquitos away, this plant is most effective when crushed and rubbed on your skin. It is a member of the mint family so it comes to know surprise that it smells like lemon with a hint of mint…yum! Be careful with this guy though, he is considered an invasive species for a reason. Lemon Balm is quick to grow and spread and can quickly take over your garden. Best to keep it nice and contained in a pot, where it is drought resistant and can be controlled.
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This is only a handful of effective mosquito repellant plants but a great start if you are looking for a more natural solution to your bug problems. At Brown Floral, we love to utilize all that nature has to offer and love discovering new ways to enjoy what we can grow. We would love to help you to bring beauty into your living spaces, you can shop with us HERE, follow us on FB and Instagram, and contact us at (801) 278-4800, Happy planting!

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