Learning from Mother’s Day

We love this article from our friends at FTD on 3 things we can all learn from Mother’s Day. What are some ways that this special occasion is important to you this year?


At the beginning of the Civil War, a woman named Ann Jarvis fought to bring people together on both sides of the conflict. Forming “Mother’s Day Work Clubs”, she worked to improve sanitation conditions and provide medical care for all soldiers, regardless of their affiliation. Jarvis’s work inspired her daughter Anna to make Mother’s Day a national observance to commemorate her mother’s service.
As we think of the women in our lives who have inspired us and the true meaning of Mother’s Day, here are three things we can all incorporate more in our lives this year.

Regardless of their political stance or heritage, Jarvis sought to bring peace and unity in the midst of a Civil War. Through her
compassion, Ann Jarvis created a movement that would change the role of women forever. Empathy is a powerful thing, so this Mother’s Day continue her legacy of compassion and reach out to someone who might need to talk or let someone know you’re thinking of them. You never know the impact you might make.

It’s not always easy to be compassionate or kind. By serving those on both sides, Ann Jarvis was exposed to criticism and adversity. We see courage through Jarvis’s leadership and are reminded that the right choice isn’t always the easy one. Fighting for what you believe in can be difficult, but can also change the world… or at least, the people around us.


At the core of the foundation of Mother’s Day was her daughter’s deep gratitude for the service that Ann Jarvis performed. As we consider what Jarvis and women everywhere have accomplished, take this time to be grateful. Whether it’s for your own mother or just a woman who has made a difference in your life, use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to write a note of gratitude and let them know what they’ve meant to you.

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