Miniature Gardening!

IMG_1370What could be more fun than adding whimsy and enchantment to your home and gardening? Miniature gardening has exploded and people all over are drawing inspiration from fairies, gnomes, and sprites to create little worlds of wonder in both their indoor and outdoor spaces.Regardless of your age or gardening experience, creating a world of wonder on a miniature scale can be easy and affordable, not to mention so enjoyable and rewarding! Here are a few simple steps to help you create your own miniature garden!

First you need to choose what you will be planting it in. The great thing about mini gardens is anything IMG_0810goes! Whether its a little teapot, wooden box, an old bucket, or a shabby chic rain boot- your options are endless! Some of the funnest miniature gardens are the ones planted in unique and unsuspecting places!

Once you have your place for planting, fill it with potting soil, at least 3-4” deep. If it doesn’t have a drainage hole, be cautious about not overwatering. Next, pick your plants! there are a variety of plants that make for great miniature gardens. Some good potted plants for this are English Boxwood, Parlor, Palm, Baby Tears, Sugar Vine, False Cypress, Zepra Hawthria, and Norfolk Pine, to name a few. Look for plants with varying heights and don’t forget to add a pop of color! Adding some ground cover like moss also adds a lot to the whimsical scene you are creating.


Once you have your plants placed, its time to use your imagination! Picking a theme is a great way to help give you some direction on what you want your finished product to be. What kind of a scene are you looking to create? The sky is the limit. From camping to beach themed, whimsical fairies or garden gnomes, mini park scenes or an enchanting secret garden. You can buy a variety of unique and equally adorable mini garden accessories like the ones we have here in our shop by Studio M and Mary Engelbreit, or you can find trinkets around your own home and yard. Stones, bark, twigs, marbles, and even the little odds and ends in your kids’ toy box are great additions. Your local dollar and craft store also can provide a variety of ideas. We especially love the holiday themed accessories from Studio M’s adorable Halloween and Christmas mini garden line! Remember, anything goes!


Here at Brown Floral we love creating mini gardens of all shapes and sizes in a variety of themes! We incorporate a number of natural elements as well as fun products by our favorite Studio M and Mary Engelbreit lines. Give us a call with any questions you might have with creating a mini garden or come see us in the shop and you will be sure to leave inspired to create something unique that will give your home and garden a touch of something truly magical!


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