Questions to Ask When Selecting Your Wedding Florist

You’ve picked your colors, pinned pictures to a Pinterest board (or 2), and clipped out countless magazine images.  You finally have a clear vision for what your ideal flower spread will be.  So what’s next?  How do you take your vision and make it into a reality?

You want to find the perfect florist, but where do you begin?  How do you find someone who will respect your wishes, while applying his or her professional expertise?  Someone who can compose something classy and beautiful without busting your budget?

It’s a tricky endeavor, so here are some tips to help you get started!

The Basic But Not-So-Obvious Questions

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  • Is the date of my wedding open? This simple question will most likely help you to begin narrowing the field of contenders.
  • Have you done events at my ceremony or reception venues in the past? While answering this question “no” isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, a florist who has previously done work at your venues could be an advantage to you in planning.
  • What is your experience?  How long as the florist been in business?  How many weddings have they done?  Where did they receive their training?
  • How many events will be scheduled on the day of my wedding?  This is important.  You don’t want your special day to get lost in the shuffle of an overbooked or understaffed florist.  You want to make sure your arrangements receive the time and attention they deserve.  This number will depend on the size and experience of the establishment.  Will the florist you’re speaking to be the person creating your arrangements, View More: will the tasks be delegated to other employees?  Keep in mind that the season will also play a role in answering this question.
  • What design styles do you specialize in?  There’s a difference between a “Yeah, I think I can do that” and an “Oh yes!  I’ve done several events with that style.  Let me go grab you a few photos.”  Experience doesn’t always guarantee your vision become reality, but it usually increases your odds.Questions to Ask About Your Flowers
  • What flowers are in season during the time of my event?  This is very important information.  Whether or not a flower is in season plays a major role in the cost of your arrangements.  The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a flower (or flowers) that is out of season and astronomically priced.  A good florist will tell you straight up whether or not the flowers of your dreams are within reason.  If they aren’t, he or she will be able to provide a few options that reflect your vision, but might be a little more reasonable.
  • What are the pricing differences involved when using a single type of flower versus a mixed flower arrangement?  If you have your heart set on a specific bloom, a mixed arrangement might allow you to use fewer “dream flowers” and combine them with less expenses filler flowers.  Mixed arrangements also allow for an increased variety in color.
  • Can you coordinate my bouquet with the other floral pieces for my event?  Will the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces have a common theme and create consistency within your event?  Does the florist provide any other wedding decor, such as arches, trees, candelabras, or alternative centerpiece options?
  • What kinds of bouquet wraps do you offer?  A simple bouquet can be transformed into something striking, stylish, classy, antiqued, or retro through the use of various wraps.  Collars can also be give your bouquet a full and finished looks.
  • What preliminary material do you provide before creating my arrangement(s)?  Will your florist provide a sketch of the proposed bouquet?  Can she make an exact replica of an arrangement you found in a photo?  Does she have images of similar arrangements that she has previously created?  At what point can you request a change?  What are the fees associated with these services?


Those Awkward Money Questions…



  • How far in advance do I need to book you as my florist, and what is the required deposit?
  • Should I need to cancel my order (heaven forbid!), what is your refund policy?
  • Do you charge a delivery fee?
  • Do you offer a setup/breakdown service?  Can you provide staff to move floral pieces from the ceremony to the reception?  If so, what are your fees?
  • Can you provide me with an itemized list of the arrangements, materials, and services that will be included in our transaction?

Tying Up Loose Ends


Selecting a florist for your special event can be laborious, but it can also be quite fun!  You’ll know when you’ve found the right establishment.  The perfect florist will be able to make your dream a reality within the constraints of your budget.  She will listen to your desires, look through the material you provide her with, make suggestions, provide you with examples or her work, and give you a sense of peace and confidence.

Start a list of potential florists in your area, and don’t worry if it turns out to be a lengthy one.  Walk through the list of questions we have provided and you will slowly start to narrow your field.  You might even find a few additional services that might be of significance to you.  For example, if your arrangements are made in advance, how will they be stored?  Do you offer a preservation service?

Make this list your own and prioritize the questions as they relate to your event and budget.  Then start having some fun!  Oh, and don’t forget to add the experts at Brown Floral to your list!



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