Seasonal Flowers for Hot Summer Nights

Things are heating up at Brown Floral so now is the perfect time to make the most of the stunning seasonal flowers available this summer. Whether you have a summer wedding planned or you simply want to show your love and affection to that someone special, Brown Floral has a range of vibrant summer flowers to suit your every need. Here we provide an overview of a selection of stunning summer flowers found in some of our floral arrangements.

Fresh Summer Flowers at Brown Floral
Available in a range of colors to suit all occasions, roses are a popular and versatile choice for many. Traditional long stemmed roses make a long lasting impression while the usually smaller spray roses, which have shorter stems, are commonly used in center pieces, mixed floral bouquets and wrist corsages.

Coming from the daisy family, dahlias are in season during the peak of summer and fall. Dahlias range in color and are available in crisp white, soft coral pinks, vibrant purples and sunshine yellow, just to name a few.  The elegant look of the dahlia flower combined with the vast color range make them a popular choice for summer brides.

Related to the sunflower and daisy families, the versatility of the gerbera makes them one of the most widely used flowers during summer time. Suitable for all occasions, gerberas have a long vase life which makes them popular in cut arrangements. A pretty flower, gerberas come in pink, yellow and orange, to name a few.

Although the term daisy does not refer to one specific type of flower, the most widely recognized daisy flower has white petals with a yellow center. Often associated with purity and innocence, the classic white daisy makes for a popular choice in wedding arrangements and centerpieces.

Resembling a powder puff or pom pom, hydrangeas bloom during the summer time and come in various shades of pink, blue and also white. From afar, hydrangeas appear to be one large flower but in fact they are made up of multiple small flowers. Popular in wedding bouquets, hydrangeas also make a stunning addition to table center pieces.

Brown Floral Summer Flowers – Arrangements Available Now!

Brown Floral has a beautiful range of vibrant summer flower arrangements to suit all occasions. If you are finding it difficult to choose from the selection of stunning summer flowers, why not take advantage of the best summer has to offer with a one-off, unique bouquet of the freshest flowers available with the Deal of the Day?If you have more specialized requirements, you are welcome to contact Tracie today at 1.800.828.8268 to discuss your specific needs.

Brown Floral offers local delivery in a number of areas in Salt Lake City and can also help with nationwide delivery through our network of trusted florists.

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