Selecting the Perfect Corsage

Whether you’re headed to prom, a wedding, or a formal event, you’ll most likely find yourself in need of a corsage.  Usually purchased by your date, the ideal corsage will compliment and enhance your gown.  Corsages are considered an accessory and can be either traditional or modern in style.  Your corsage is as unique and interesting as you are!

What Exactly Is A Corsage?

A corsage is a small flower arrangement that adorns a girl’s wrist or collar bone.  Have you ever wondered why this “mini bouquet” is called a corsage?  The bodice of a lady’s dress used to be called a corsage, so the French creatively began calling the flowers “bouquet de corsage.”  Viola!

According to history, the ancient Greeks wore flowers during wedding ceremonies.  The flowers were not worn for their beauty, but rather for their scent, which was believed to ward off evil spirits.

IMG_1363In the 20th century, corsages began to make their way into dance tradition.  When a man picked up his date for a formal event, he would present her parents with a bouquet of flowers.  He would then take one of the blossoms and pin it on her dress.

Due to the changes in fashion, corsages are more frequently seen adorning wrists than bodices.  After all, it’s difficult to pin a flower arrangement on a spaghetti strapped dress and even more so to pin it on a strapless one.

What Materials Are Used In A Corsage?

Corsages are generally constructed using flowers, foliage, and ribbons.  As a general rule, an odd number of flowers are used in a corsage (1, 3, or 5).  With such broad guidelines, the possibilities are endless!


There are several types of flowers that are commonly used in corsages.  Sweetheart roses have many varieties and are compact blossoms that can either be used in cluster arrangements or combined with other flowers.  Carnations are similar in nature, given that they are compact and available in many colors.

Lilies are also an elegant choice for cluster corsages and can add some length to the arrangement.  Another flower that is commonly used in a grouping is fressia.  Fressia can also be used in a combination arrangement.

If you’re looking for a more striking corsage, you might consider using an orchid.  Orchids are elegant and colorful.  As an added bonus, their waxy petals make them more resilient and able to withstand a night of dancing.


Also known as filler flowers, foliage can include baby’s breath, fern leaves, or eucalyptus.  The purpose of foliage is to accent the main flowers, add fullness to the corsage, and highlight the colors.

Ribbon or Wristband

The ribbon and wristband is another chance to add color, dimension, and personality to a corsage.  You can select a corsage bracelet, ribbon, or lace to secure the flowers in a corsage.  There are endless varieties of colors to choose from.  You may even decide to include charms, pearls, feathers, or other accessories.IMG_1226

How Do I Select A Corsage?

Since a corsage is essentially a fashion accessory, it is important for it to match and enhance your gown.  The best way to accomplish this goal is to take a photograph of your dress to the florist (or send one with your date).

The florist will take several aspects of your dress into consideration.  One obvious feature is the color of the gown.  She will also examine the overall style of your dress.  Is it classic?  Edgy?  Modern? Traditional?  Long?  Sharing the hairstyle you’ve selected can also serve as valuable information.  All of these characteristics will help your florist create the perfect accent to your dress.

When Should My Corsage Be Ordered?

Your corsage should be ordered about two weeks prior to the event.  It is important to start looking at florists well in advance so that you can schedule a time to visit and consult at the shop.  Your date will pick up your corsage the day of the event, so as to ensure its freshness.

Ok, I’m Ready To Pick Out My Corsage!

Selecting a corsage should be a fun experience.  It’s an opportunity to add some flare and express your personality.  It’s also a thoughtful gift from your date.

Whether you’re attending a wedding, formal dinner, or exciting dance, a corsage needs to be both fashionable and sturdy.  Using a florist is the most reliable way of meeting these requirements.  Corsages are not easy to make; the flowers must be securely attached to the pin or bracelet.  In addition, the flowers need to maintain their freshness.

Consulting with a professional at Brown Floral is a surefire way of securing your perfect corsage.  We will take into consideration your gown, your style, and the event you are attending to create the ideal accessory for you to wear.  We’ll do the hard part so that you are free to be swept away by the anticipation and excitement of the event.

What are you waiting for?  Contact us today!




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