The History of Flower Giving

Flowers have played an important role in many cultures for centuries. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Chinese all used flowers as a way to communicate stories, myths and legends. Flowers were particularly important to ancient Greeks as they were often associated with mythical gods.  With the discovery of flower remnants throughout burial sites in caves in the Middle East that were dated more than 60,000 years old, this confirms flowers have been used by humans in farewell rituals for thousands of years.

Evidence suggests the act of flower giving began as early as the middle ages however it became popular in the 1700s when, during a visit to Turkey, the French and English discovered that flowers had been given their own language and had special meanings. This suited Victorian society well as they did not believe in expressing emotion. Flower giving soon became a popular way to convey feelings and in true Victorian style, great detail and effort was made in every aspect of the flowers to ensure the meaning was expressed precisely and correctly.The traditions around flower giving are constantly evolving. For instance, it wasn’t so long ago it was considered inappropriate for a man to receive flowers from a woman.

These days this practice is widely accepted and is becoming increasingly popular. Flower giving brings a great amount of joy to both the giver and the receiver. Flowers have an instant effect on our mood by lifting spirits and brightening our day. Flowers create feelings of more than happiness and fulfilment. They also boost self-esteem levels by
showing someone they are loved and appreciated. Additionally, flower giving has the ability to promote health through increasing optimism. It is very common for people in hospital to receive flowers. Fresh flowers help encourage sick or
injured patients to recover more quickly. It also reinforces that they are cared for and loved.   Although many of the meanings adopted in the Victorian age have long since been forgotten, the sentiment of giving flowers remains the same today. The act of giving flowers has the ability to capture every emotion and occasion possible. Whether it is to symbolize love, happiness, sympathy, joy or remorse; or as a way to say congratulations, show appreciation or even something as simple as a goodwill gesture, flowers make the perfect all round gift.

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