The Messages You Send Through Roses

The custom of giving flowers has long been a way to express human emotion but none more so than when giving a bouquet of long stemmed roses. Rose colors have certain meanings, as does the quantity of roses given. Giving roses is a wonderful way to personalize a gift however it is important to understand what the different rose colors mean to prevent any confusion.

Here at Brown Floral we can help you to select the right rose color and the correct quantity to ensure your message is conveyed perfectly.

Rose Colors – What Message Are You Sending?

Red Roses
It has long been considered red roses are a symbol of love and passion however giving red roses can mean a number of other things. Red roses symbolize courage, beauty, respect, admiration and can also be used to congratulate someone on a job well done.

White Roses
The white rose is one of the oldest varieties available and represents innocence, purity, humility, reverence and worthiness.
A popular choice for brides, white roses come in around 20 different shades ranging from pure white to ivory. White roses at a wedding symbolize a happy love, wholesomeness and loyalty.

Yellow Roses
The symbol of care and friendship, a bouquet of yellow roses is the perfect gift to give to a sick friend to help brighten their spirits. Yellow roses also mean ‘welcome’ and ‘joy’ making them a very suitable gift for new mothers.

Pink Roses
Depending on the shade, pink roses have a number of meanings. Pale pink roses show admiration, joy and grace. They are also a sign of sympathy making them appropriate for times of grief. Darker shades of pink roses mean appreciation and gratitude making them a perfect way to say thank you.

Lavender Roses
Lavender colored roses express love at first sight. To send the message of a deep and meaningful admiration, select a darker shade of purple.

How Many Roses Should You Give?

Sending a single rose in any color shows gratitude and devotion. A single red rose says “I love you” while a single rose in lavender is a special way to show devotion and indicates the recipient is majestic and exhibits opulence.

Intertwining two roses together indicates a marriage proposal.

Six roses suggest a yearning to be loved and cherished.

To assure someone they are deeply loved, give them eleven roses.

A dozen long stemmed roses are traditionally given at Valentine’s Day or for other special romantic occasions.

Sending thirteen roses means you are a secret admirer.

Personalize Your Message with Brown Floral Roses
No matter what message you would like to convey, Brown Floral can help you to express your emotions in the precise way you like through roses.  With a beautiful selection of rose bouquets and arrangements to choose from, there is something suited for everyone and for every situation. Why not invite Brown Floral to share in those extra special moments with you and order a personalized gift of roses today?

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