Want Fresh Flowers to Last Longer? Here’s How!

There is nothing better than receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers create a homely and warm feeling, and often take pride of place as a table centrepiece. With or without friends and family stopping by to visit, we all want our fresh flowers to last longer. Here are some simple tips to make the most of your freshly cut flowers by getting them to last as long as you can.

8 Tips for Fresh Flowers to Last Longer

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight
Placing fresh flowers in direct sunlight will help to speed up their demise so avoid doing this. Having flowers in a well-lit area of the home is fine as long as you don’t place them in direct sunlight.

2. Trim Flower Stems
When you get your fresh flowers home, carefully trim about an inch from the base of the flower stems, on a 45 degree angle. Avoid using scissors as this can damage the stem and prevent water absorption. Instead use a sharp knife or for thick stems, consider using garden shears.

3. Remove Leaves
Before you place your fresh flowers in water, remove any green leaves or foliage that would otherwise be submerged in the water. This will help to prevent contamination in the water helping your fresh flowers to last longer.

4. Use a Clean Vase

Make sure you are using a spotless and sparkling vase! Scrub it in hot soapy water and let it air dry before you place any flowers in it. This will help to remove any bacteria or microorganisms that would otherwise shorten the life of your fresh flowers.

5. Feed Your Flowers

There are plenty of homemade recipes out there alleging they are the secret to making fresh flowers to last longer. These range from coins to sugar and even aspirin! In the end, the best way to keep your flowers fresh for longer is to feed them fresh flower nutrients available in sachets. Make sure you get a few extra packets as you will be changing the water regularly.

6. Hairspray for Preservation

If you have received fresh flowers from a special event or occasion and would like to preserve them, carefully spray the leaves and the undersides of the flower with a gentle coat of hairspray. Make sure you spray from a reasonable distance and don’t use too much or you risk damaging the flowers.

7. Change Water Regularly

It almost goes without saying but it is important that you regularly change the water for your fresh flowers. If you can’t do it every day, then you should change it at least every other day. Changing the water regularly is a key way to get your fresh flowers to last longer.

8. Keep Them Cool

There is a reason florists store their flowers in fridges – this helps to preserve them for longer. Obviously this isn’t always practical in the home however if space permits, pop your flowers in the fridge at the end of the day. If this isn’t possible, make sure the flowers are in a cool room overnight.

These simple suggestions are a sure way for your fresh flowers to last longer. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Tracie at Brown Floral for further information.If you would like to receive future tips like these, please subscribe to Brown Floral’s blog and be the first to get inspiration from new articles!

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