What is Your Loved One’s Birth Flower?

Personalizing birthday gifts for loved ones based on their birthday month is a long standing tradition. While many are aware of birthstones, the knowledge of the birth flower is not as well known. This is rather surprising given that flowers are an extremely popular choice for birthday gifts, particularly for the special women in our lives.

If you have a loved one’s birthday coming up, why not personalize a gift from Brown Floral to incorporate their birth flower? What a special way to celebrate their birthday.

Birth Flowers for Each Month


  • Carnation

Similar to the rose, different color carnations mean different things. Red carnations express love while pink carnations show affection. Striped carnations signify regret that a love isn’t shared and white carnations mean a pure and simple love.

  • Snowdrop

Previously the snowdrop flower was considered bad luck as it is often seen growing in and around graveyards however this simple yet elegant white flower now symbolizes hope and beauty.


  • Violet

Violets are a sign of faithfulness so are the perfect way to demonstrate someone with a birthday in February your loyalty.

  • Primrose

A classic cottage flower, the primrose expresses how special a person is by telling them you cannot live without them.


  • Daffodil

The cheerful daffodil means constant sunshine while your loved one is around and represents an equal love.

  • Jonquil

A specific type of daffodil, the jonquil is often used to express sympathy but can also mean wanting a desire to be returned.


  • Daisy

Giving your best friend a daisy for her birthday in April tells her you will keep her secrets and will never tell. Daisies also represent purity and an innocent love.

  • Sweet Pea

The sweet pea can be used to say goodbye to someone however it also conveys pleasure and bliss.


  • Lily of the Valley

Fragrant bell flowers, Lily of the Valley flowers mean your life is complete. They also suggest a return to happiness and humility.

  • Hawthorne Plant

A symbol of hope, the hawthorne conveys you only want the best for someone.


  • Rose

Roses have many meanings depending on the color and number of roses given. For a detailed overview, please visit our post <The Messages You Send Through Rose Colors>.

  • Honeysuckle

The honeysuckle flower signifies a strong bond and an everlasting love.


  • Larkspur

Another flower with different meanings depending on color, a purple larkspur represents a first love while white means a happy nature. Overall the message depicted with a larkspur means a strong love.

  • Water Lily

A majestic flower, the water lily means purity.


  • Gladiolus

A piercing love, gladiolus can imply infatuation however also conveys a message of calmness and remembrance.


  • Aster

The aster flower generally means a very powerful love so is perfect for a wife or mother born in September.

  • Morning Glory

A vivid purple, the morning glory flower represents a strong affection.


  • Marigold

Gold in color, the marigold conveys a level of warmth, and a fierce and undying love.

  • Cosmos

Ranging in color, the cosmos flower signifies peace and serenity.


  • Chrysanthemum

Commonly referred to as “mums”, chrysanthemums have various meanings depending on the color but all focus on love.


  • Holly

Commonly used in Christmas decorations, Holly also demonstrates a desire for domestic bliss.

  • Narcissus

Often mistaken for a daffodil or jonquil, the narcissus signifies you love someone just the way they are.

The next time you buy flowers for someone’s birthday why not get them an arrangement that incorporates their birth flower? Not only will they appreciate your gesture, they may be pleasantly surprised by the effort you have taken to personalize their gift!

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