Why Flowers are the Perfect Christmas Gift at the Office

We all have our long lists of people to buy for this holiday season and it is inevitable that there are going to be one or two… or ten people on that list who have you stumped and laying awake at night wondering what on earth you should give them. Coworkers always seem to make it onto that “hard to buy for” list, so we thought we would provide you with the perfect solution so you can get on with enjoying your holidays. Plants and flowers might not be the first thing that comes to mind when brainstorming, but here are a few reasons why they make for the perfect gift at the office!

In addition to adding some organic character to what can typically be an otherwise dreary office, flowers and potted plants can also improve air quality, create a pleasant focal point, and even separate work spaces, giving some natural and much needed designation of personal space! Here are a few that we recommend!

Poinsettias– What better way to give the gift of festive flair than with a winter blooming plant that boasts of Christmas spirit?  While in full bloom, these classic holiday plants typically enjoy semi-cool, humid locations in bright, indirect light with plenty of moisture. They are beautiful in baskets, pots, and can be done in smaller arrangements for the corner of a desk, or bigger bunches to pack a punch in an open office space!

The Jade plant– is a small, succulent plant with small flowers. It requires minimal watering making it the perfect low maintanaince addition to the office. In Japanese folklore, the jade plant is known as the “money plant,” and legend has it that its presence brings financial success, cha ching!Christmas Floral Arrangements- Who wouldn’t love a stunning floral arrangement to greet them when they get to work? The sky is the limit on designs, and we especially love adding different natural elements to bring in the rustic vibe of winter. We have a wide variety of options when it comes to vases and arrangements that fit any price range!

The Peace Lily– This  large, space-filling plant that can clean the air- which is especially refreshing during the winter months which are typically filled with inversion. The best part about this plant is that it can grow even in low office lighting, making it the perfect plant for an office space that lacks big windows. To care for it, plant your peace lilies in rich, loose potting soil, and make sure the pot provides adequate drainage. Check the soil every few days and water as necessary. To ensure healthy leaves and frequent flowering, never allow the soil to dry out.

The Spider Plant- This is a great low-maintenance plant  that thrives in partial sun or shade – making it ideal for your cubicle or windowless office.Just like the Peace Lily, it carries the added bonus of improving the air quality AND reducing stress .Air-cleansing plants boost relative humidity and decreases dust, which can have a relaxing effect on workers, and reduce common allergy symptoms. This can be planted in a hanging basket or a pot small enough to sit on a shelf, with rich potting soil it will withstand infrequent watering and thrive with little more than fluorescent light. If it begins to look brown and droopy, simply move it to a brighter location for a few days to bring it back to its full glory.There are a number of wonderful options you can choose from when selecting a floral arrangement or potted plant as a gift for the office, and Brown Floral can help you pick the perfect one to suit the working space.  We can deliver flowers straight to the office, making it a fun work day surprise, or have it ready for pick up at your convenience. You can even upgrade your flower arrangement to include an extra little gift from the gift shop, chocolates, or caramels to make the gift extra sweet. If you are looking for a gift for the office in the Greater Salt Lake Valley area, let us deliver a beautiful hand designed bouquet on your behalf! We would love to help you light up someone’s holiday with something bright and beautiful!












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