Why You Should Definitely Send Flowers To Your Friend Who Just Had A Baby

We’re about to enter Fall, and pregnant women everywhere are praising the heavens that they survived the hot Summer months of pregnancy and are about to meet their new babies. As your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers prepare for their new bundles of joy to enter the world, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll get them for the birth day. While it is customary at baby showers to give new parents more practical gifts – like diapers, strollers, onesies, and wipes – often times the only gift a new mother receives after hours and hours of pushing is the new baby itself – which of course is the most amazing gift of all. But also, when you’ve gone through such a strenuous life event and are trying to take care of a screaming, poopy, wiggly new human, sometimes you could use a bit of a pick-me-up to just remind you that someone is thinking about you.

Oftentimes, new parents can feel helpless at the task at hand. Sending a flower arrangement is like recognizing their (and especially mom’s) hard work and dedication for carrying a baby for nine months and going through a laborious delivery. Flowers have always made great gifts, but they are a gift that especially says, “Good job! You did it!” It may sound silly, but most actors receive a bouquet of flowers after a stage performance to commemorate their talent, so why shouldn’t mom receive a nice flower arrangement as well? She worked hard, and when everyone is cooing over the new baby, she can easily feel ignored even though she put in so much effort.

What To Consider When Sending New Parents Flowers:


  • Color: Brown Floral can always do custom arrangements, but our standard new baby arrangements offer anything you need to congratulate the new parents. We offer arrangements in pale pink, baby blue, and sunny yellow. We can even mix blue and pink flowers for a set of twins! Also, don’t forget what Mom likes! Maybe bird of paradise is her favorite flower. Who cares if it doesn’t scream ‘baby’ as much as some of our other blossoms? Gift the arrangement that you think would make Mom and Dad happiest.


  • Consider Sending Pet Friendly Flowers: An unfortunate reality of the flower business is that some flowers can be harmful to animals. This is something that many people do not think about, but when Mom and Dad are busy focusing on the new baby, sending flowers that won’t make Fluffy sick is a nice gesture. Flowers such as tulips, bird of paradise, azalea, and unfortunately baby’s breath can make both dogs and cats sick if ingested. Certain lilies can cause fatal kidney problems in cats. While most flowers won’t cause more than a tummy ache in pets, taking that worry out of the new parents’ minds is especially important. The good news is that most of the flowers in our baby arrangements are pet-friendly, and we’d be happy to substitute flowers that might cause problems. Thankfully roses, sunflowers, some daisies, and orchids are all safe choices! Just let us know if you have any concerns about pets when you order, and we’ll do our best to work with your needs!


Brown Floral Delivers To All Hospitals In The Salt Lake City Area!

Brown Floral offers precious arrangements to liven up both the hospital room and the home. Flowers are the perfect gift, especially in the first few days after birth before the new parents are ready for visitors. We can deliver flowers straight to their doorstep, so Mom can continue to rest without feeling the need to entertain guests who might be hand delivering other gifts. You can even upgrade your flower arrangement to include balloons, teddy bears, and chocolates, or gift our “It’s A Girl!” or “It’s A Boy!” Wow Wagons, the perfect flower arrangement in a cute toy wagon that could soon double as baby’s new favorite toy. If you know a new mother in the Greater Salt Lake Valley area, let us deliver a beautiful hand designed bouquet on your behalf! We deliver to all hospitals in the area, and would love to help you make someone’s day even more special!



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